Gaudencio C. Aljibe, Jr. PhD, CESO VI

OIC-SDS Message

     As we continue to act to recover the learning loss brought about by the global pandemic, our commitment to leverage our service is of fundamental importance as we resonate through the DepEd MATATAG agenda with every Filipino learner at the center of our educative endeavors.

     We bank on our significant gains as we steadfastly collaborate as one insitution and measure our wins while standing in good stead. It’s no easy climb, but we are resolute and resilient. The tenacity of our spirit will make us victors as we labor for education that has quality, equality and equity. Just like an eagle, we will keep soaring higher, bolder, braver.

     Our learners are the raison d’etre that inspire us to reach greater heights. We have high hopes for our teachers whose passion and commitment are remarkable. Together, with all the stakeholders whom we continue to forge strong partnership, we shall impact lives on a larger scale that will benefit every Filipino and the entire nation.

     Lupad, Norte!