The Schools Division of Northern Samar was instituted through Republic Act No. 2796 prevalently known as “An Act to Provide for Three School Divisions in the 7788uu Province of Samar”, which was enacted without executive approval on June 19, 1960.

 At that time, Northern Samar Division was comprised by the municipalities of Lapinig, Gamay, Las Navas, Catubig, Palapag, Laoang, Pambujan, Mondragon, Catarman, Bobon, San Jose, Lavezares, Allen, San Isidro, San Antonio, and Capul. It commenced in School Year (S.Y.) 1960 – 1961 when the Director of Public Schools reorganized the School Division Office of the Province of Samar.

Then, it was born with the stewardship of the Schools Division Superintendent (SDS), Gerardo Sison, together with an Administrative Officer and Academic Supervisors in English, Mathematics, Science, Arts and Industrial Agriculture, and Filipino.

The Division Office was located at the municipality of Catarman, the capital town of Northern Samar province. Its office was held first in the Gabaldon Building which is now recognized as Bulwagan ng mga Guro. SDS Sison constructed the Division Office Ground and was named after him.

Department of Education (DepEd) Northern Samar Division has been governed by seventeen (17) superintendents already since its establishment. Based on the available records and information gathered, the following schools division superintendents were assigned in the Division of Northern Samar in a full – fledged or acting capacity as officer in-charge.

  1. Mr. Gerardo Sison (1961-1968)
  2. Mr. Hermogenes Hipolito (1968-1969)
  3. Mr. Antonio Mancol(Concurrent-SDS)(1969)
  4. Mr. Marcelo San Juan (1969-1972)
  5. Mr. Antonio Mancol (1972-1975)
  6. Mr. Florentino M. Nalda (1975-1978)
  7. Mr. Pablo M. Galero (1978)
  8. Mr. Mansueto V. Lagutan (1978-1990)
  9. Mr. Levi T. Rejuso, Sr. (1990-1997)
  10. Dr. Celedonio L. Layon, Jr., CESO V (1997-1998)
  11. Mr. Ramon B. Basas (1998- 2001)
  12. Dr. Soledad B. Acidre (2001-2003)
  13. Dr. Thelma C. Quitalig, CESO V (2003-2011)
  14. Dr. Ronelo Al K. Firmo, CESO V (2011-2013)
  15. Mr. Cristito A. Eco, CESE (2014-2015)
  16. Dr. Manuel P. Albano, CESO V (2015 – 2017)
  17. Mr. Bernardo A. Adina, CESO VI (2017 – 2018)
  18. Dr. Carmela R. Tamayo, CESO VI (2018-2019
  19. Dr. Gorgonio G. Diaz, Jr., CESO V (2019 – 2021)
  20. Dr. Raul D. Agban (2021 – 2022)
  21. Ms. Lani H. Cervantes, CESO VI (2022 – 2023)
  22. Dr. Gaudencio C. Aljibe, Jr. CESO VI (2023 – present)

Since its foundation, the division has undergone various changes in organizational structure. At present, it is implementing the Rationalization Plan (RAT-Plan) with three functional divisions: Office of the Schools Division Superintendent (OSDS), Curriculum Implementation Division (CID), and Schools Governance and Operations Division (SGOD). Likewise, it has 36 districts with 522 public elementary, 84 public junior high, 58 public senior high, and 46 private elementary and secondary schools.

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  1. Mrs. Juanita F. Layon
  2. Dr. Celedonio L. Layon, Jr., CESO V
  3. Mrs. Fe B. Solomon
  4. Mr. Teodoro A. Olmedo
  5. Ms. Beatrice A. Olmedo
  6. Mrs. Felicitas Azanza

Hazel Ann M. Diaz, PhD
Roberto T. Orias, DALL