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SDS’ Graduation/Completion Message

K to 12 Graduates: Pursuing Dreams and Fostering Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Congratulations, dear Graduates and Completers, class of 2022!

This is the moment of sheer bliss and an occasion of sweet success.

Your graduation day and/or completion rites is an achievement that you have gifted yourselves with.  Surely, your parents and loved ones share the same feelings of joy and fulfillment as you seize the day and at the same time ponder on the years that went by. Indeed, we have the most challenging time ever. The CoVID-19 pandemic has brought pedagogical shift from classroom to ‘class home’ setting following the modular learning modality and other forms of blended instruction. Your parents showed relentless efforts just to ensure there is learning amid crises. Your teachers, on the other hand, dutifully monitored your academic performance and conducted home visits and remediation. This reality strengthened the relationship of parents and teachers working together just to make sure education continues in spite of adversity. Hence, I encourage you to thank your parents, guardians, teachers, and school heads and those significant individuals who have helped you reach this far.

No pandemic can stop a learner from realizing his/her dream.

The grit that is innate in you stems from perseverance, hard work and tenacity. You have been through the most difficult time of public health emergency but your willpower to overcome any obstacle has been entrenched in your persona making you holistic learners and life-long winners.

Beloved graduates and completers, every habit is context dependent. Continue learning and use your talents and skills in order to contribute to nation-building. The future is uncertain. However, the knowledge, skills and values that you learned and acquired equip you with enormous potentials while braving the unprecedented challenges of time.

As you step closer to your dream, remember to humble yourselves and stay grounded. Express gratitude freely and appreciate the gift and the beauty of life. Protect your mental and emotional health and be able to adopt and adapt to the changing time. The world is a complex whole, be prepared to keep abreast no matter how ambiguous it goes.

As you celebrate this occasion, let us thank our stakeholders and partners who continue to support the Department of Education in all its undertakings, programs, and projects. We acknowledge with profound gratitude all individuals who helped us realize our goal to bring you back to schools for the limited face-to-face classes. Indeed, education is a shared responsibility.

To all the graduates and completers, keep soaring high!