School – Based Management System (SBMS)

School – Based Management System (SBMS) is a heightened technological mechanism of the Department of Education, Division of Northern Samar that is steered on the standards of School-Based Management (SBM)-Philippine Accreditation System for Basic Education (PASBE).

It is a system that meets the demands of the new and viable institutional environment that gathers, processes, analyzes, interprets, stores, and generates information and data reports about schools’ improvement on key performance indicators (KPIs)and practices with its loadable divergent means of verifications (MOVs). Thus, it is also known as electronic – School – Based Management (e-SBM) Hub.

It is also a technology – driven intervention that facilitates an online and offline efficient validation and provision of technical assistance to schools particularly on increasing SBM’s Level of Practice. Offline mode shall work for those schools without internet connectivity while online shall be used by the schools that have internet connection.

2. Objectives of SBMS:

a. Institute vicissitudes in schools that in point of fact influence teaching and learning and stakeholders’ participation;

b. Provide an online and offline accessible and equitable validation and quality technical assistance to schools;

c. Identify schools’ condition that impedes or expedites the attainment of high performance; and

d. Increase the SBM Level of Practice of schools in the division.


Finally, it is designed to help the three governance levels in planning, organizing, leading, controlling, meeting the decision-making requirements, and providing accurate and timely information in the internal and external operations of the schools, districts, and division.