1. Do we already have an e-SAT for the SY 2022-2023? Ans. The development of the e-SAT is ongoing. DepEd Central Office aims to release the official e-SAT during the upcoming school year SY 2023-2024, in time for Phase I (Performance Planning and Commitment).
  2. For T-3 to MT transitioning in the 4th quarter, should they be rated as Proficient or Highly Proficient? Ans. The suitable assessment tool should align with the teacher’s position at the end of the school year. However, the rating from the classroom observation conducted in the prior quarter (Q3) remains applicable and does not need to be repeated.
  3. Wich form should a Master Teacher designated as a school head use, IPCRF or OPCRF? Ans. Both Teachers and Master Teachers acting as TICs (Teacher-in-Charge) are recognized as heads of office/school, and thus should use the OPCRF.
  4. In Scenario 1, it is mentioned that a Teacher 3 in the 1st-2nd quarter should be rated as Highly Proficient. In our case, we have a Teacher 3 from the 1st-3rd quarter, who became an MT in the 4th quarter. Should they still be rated as Highly Proficient? And who will be the rater, the first school where they were a T3, or the recent school where they became an MT? Ans. The appropriate tool to be used should match the teacher’s position at the end of the school year. Nevertheless, the ratings from the classroom observations conducted in the previous quarters remain valid and do not need to be repeated
  5. Can you help us explain why the SDS need to provide his/her email and employee number? Ans. The SDS’s email and employee number are needed to easily trace the relationships between ratee, rater, and approver. This data will be essential as DepEd plans to integrate the RPMS with other HR systems to establish a national employee database, similar to an HRIS
  6. What’s the maximum limit for uploading teachers’ files? Ans. Batch/Bulk uploading of files is not allowed.
  7. Our school email account can only be logged in through microsoft.com, but on https://eipcrf.deped.gov.ph, we are required to log in through google.com. Ans. Try logging into your school’s deped.gov.ph account via Google, and you should be directly directed to the eipcrf site.
  8. The screen indicates that the rating must be a whole number from 0 to 5 when a cell is clicked. But why does it show an error when I input numbers 4 and 2? The error message reads “only a whole number form 1 to 5 is accepted for this field. If the error persists, check if the rating exists in the scoring standard for the particular objective”. Why is this happening? Ans. Only the numbers 1, 3, and 5 are accepted. In PART1, only these numbers correspond to a rating for efficiency. Only objectives 14 and 15 have complete efficiency ratings
  9. Are Outstanding Teachers required to submit their RPMS Portfolios to the Division Office? Ans. No, Outstanding Teachers are not required to submit their MOVs to the Division Office. These should be retained by the Teacher/Ratee or stored in the school for their portfolio and future references.
  10. Are we required to submit our OPCRF portfolio to the Division office? Ans. The question seems to refer to the OPCRFs of School Heads. For details, please refer to Division Memorandum No. 210, s. 2023, or the Conduct of Phases III and IV of SY 2022-2023 RPMS for school-based Personnel
  11. How can I recover my password if I have forgotten it? What is the process for recovering a forgotten password for our school DepEd email account? Ans. Please visit the DepEd Northern Samar website and navigate to Services or click this link: https://northernsamar.deped.gov.ph/deped-email-application/
  12. Can we use any size of bond paper for our printed IPCRF? Ans. Please use 8.5 x 13” size for uniformity.
  13. Is there a link available to view the video of the session for a recap, in case we missed some important points? Ans. Yes, you can access the materials and resources, including tutorial videos at https://bit.ly/NSamarEIPCRFResources
  14. Is the RPMS Portfolio of a Master Teacher required to be submitted to the Division Office? Ans. No, MOVs should be retained by the Teacher/Ratee or stored in the school for their portfolio and future references.
  15. Is it only the rater who affixes their signature on the printed IPCRF before uploading? Does the approving authority also need to sign it? Ans. As per Division Memorandum 210, s. 2023, considering the volume of IPCRFs to be signed because of the number of teachers whose AA is the SDS, a schedule of transimittal and signing of IPCRFs by the SDS shall follow a mechanism and shedule to ensure an orderly process. Thus, schools can upload the eIPCRFs to the system while their printed IPCRFs are on queue for SDS’s signature. However, school Heads should ensure that the e-IPCRF that they upload matches the printed IPCRF signed by them. Please note that e-signatures are NOT ALLOWED in the printed IPCRF.
  16. Does the school head, as the approving authority, have the right to conduct a review and validation of the MOVs submitted by the ratee, even after the rater has already given his rating? Ans. Yes, the Ratee, Rater, and the Approving Authority should ideally be present during the conduct of Phases III and IV. For further information on the Ratee-Rater-Approving Authority Matrix, please refer to the Facebook post of HRD DepEd Northern Samar or this link: https://www.facebook.com/100092174565378/posts/pfbid0FBS7K3vUWckePbS47EH8FhHjdrmpswRwRAoohBsLd97qbEX8vTpYRyBEBmzWkZSYl/?mibextid=cr9u03
  17. How many teachers are typically present in medium or large schools? Ans. For the classification, in Elementary schools, 1-9 teachers classify a school as small; 10-29 as medium; and 30 and above as large. For Secondary schools, 1-9 teachers classify a school as small; 10-25 as medium; and 26 and above as large.
  18. Do we need to upload the E-SAT of the teacher as well? Ans. No, only the eIPCRF and its parts need to be uploaded.
  19. Should we write the date of review in the eIPCRF? Ans. Yes, it should be filled in the field requiring it.
  20. Is there an option to extend the uploading deadline? Ans. As of now, there’s no update from the CO. If there is, we will post an update on our official Facebook page (HRD DepEd Northern Samar).
  21. As a Head Teacher, would my rater be a principal from another school, and not the district head? Ans. If you’re a Head Teacher designated as a School Head, you’ll use OPCRF, not IPCRF, and your rater is the ASDS. However, if you’re a Head Teacher in a school with both teaching and administrative functions, you’ll use IPCRF with indicators of an MT in the Highly Proficient Teacher, and your rater is your Principal/School Head.
  22. If we only have a Teacher-in-Charge in our school, does that mean our TIC is our ratee? And would our Principal-in-Charge in the district office be our approving authority? Ans. No, your School Head, regardless of the position, is automatically your Rater and the Approving Authority is the Schools Division Superintendent.
  23. When is the deadline for the online submission of e-IPCRF? When will be the deadline of uploading of eIPCRF? When is the final submission in the Division or online due? Ans. We have a schedule for the uploading of eIPCRFs to the eIPCRF Collection and Consolidation System. Please refer to our Facebook page for the schedule through this link https://www.facebook.com/100092174565378/posts/pfbid02oeKkn2Qf6ekWcSoYLmTtmo2xD9qKFDpS3CGGA9VH4554sFkMG9Vi5hcwmbCE5mQul/?mibextid=cr9u03 or review it on the recording.
  24. Teacher I (Proficient) was in Maternity Leave from February to May 2023, and so has only one classroom observation conducted in the 4th quarter. Can she still request for another classroom observation in the same quarter to fulfill the required two classroom observations? Ans. In case of unforeseen circumstances and fortuitous events that are outside the control of the schools (such as natural or man-made calamities, lockdowns, etc.), concerned schools may be allowed to deviate from the prescribed timeline of conducting classroom observations; provided that requests in relation thereto shall be subject for approval of the Schools Division Superintendent; provided further, that all applicable classroom observation modes are exhausted prior to submitting the request.
  25. Teacher III (Proficient) got promoted to Master Teacher I (Highly Proficient) in the 3rd quarter of the year. Which IPCRF shall be used? Ans. The teacher must use the RPMS Highly Proficient Tool. The RPMS tool to be used for performance evaluation is based on his/her recent position.
  26. What is supposed to be uploaded online – the softcopy of the IPCRF or the scanned signed copy? Ans. The soft copy or the finalized eIPCRF Excel file itself should be uploaded.
  27. Are we going to upload also the School Head’s OPCRF? Ans. No. Only teachers e-IPCRF shall be uploaded in the eIPCRF Collection and Consolidation System.