Monitoring, Evaluation, and Adjustment System

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Adjustment System (MEAS) is a technology – mediated system that collects, processes, generates, automates, and validates monitoring and evaluation data relative to the key result areas (KRAs) contained in the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) that is quarterly executed, monitored, and reported at the school, district, division, and regional levels.

It is as well a structured system that subsequently enables data analysis, automation, and retrieval to be performed on the information relating to expected outputs for the quarter, quarterly targets, actual accomplishments vis-a-vis targets, percentage of accomplishments, gain or gap if there is any, and total physical accomplishments.

The system proffers the workforces of the three functional divisions particularly the Schools Governance and Operations Division, Curriculum Implementation Division, and Office of the Schools Division Superintendent an online and offline modes where online can be accessed in areas with internet connection, however, offline is available in places with wobbly or no internet connectivity at all. It is developed to EMPOWER the people of the entire Division of Northern Samar to assess and analyze their efficiency and effectiveness and support, uphold, and amplify the continuous operations and learning processes of the three governance levels through discerned data – driven and evidence – based information.