Application of Field Offices and School Personnel for PNPKI Digital Signature

References: OUA MEMO 00-0721-0129 and OUA MEMO 00-0721-0169

Please read the instructions carefully before you proceed.

  1. Download the PDF reader here

2. Download the Application Form here

This is how you name/save your file.



  1. Please fill the form in BLOCK LETTERS only.
  2. Required fields are maked with asterisk. (*).
  3. Present one (1) copy and the original documents to our Registration Authority for verification and attestation.
  4. Any information that is not verified shal not be included in the certificates.
  5. Any discrepancy or inconsistency in the form will lead to delay and/or rejection.


Organizational Unit / Department / Division : CATARMAN I CENTRAL SCHOOL – 122856

You may now proceed to

1. Click DepEd Commons Teachers (also Applicable to Non-teaching personnel).
2. Choose either Sign in with Google or Sign in with Microsoft.
3. Click Authorize
4. Apply the given Enrolment Key
5. Click Site home then Professional Development.
6. Click the course for PNPKI
7. Northern Samar – PNPKI
8. Click PNPKI Questionaire
9. Scroll down and click on Attempt quiz now
10 Fill up the form (must be the same answers on the Downloaded PNPKI application.pdf) type N/A if not applicable
11. You can view your progress on Quiz navigation
12. Click Finish attempt
13. Scroll down and click on Submit all and finish , you can still edit your answers
14. Scroll down and click on Upload PNPKI Form here
15. Scroll down and click on Add submission
16. You can drag and drop your filled-up Application Form or click on the Files.
17. Click Save changes